Memories :)

At the threshold of her house, she turned back and saw a series of flashbacks. A little girl riding on the back of her father chortled.
Moving from her father’s back, she ran towards the kitchen where her mother stood. The carefree girl now turned to an insistent one and asked or more likely demanded her mother to let her cook.
Moving out of the kitchen, she entered the drawing room of her house. On a dining table for six, all her cousin or the gang of her best girls sat down and discussed their favorite actor to the latest fashion, in a way similar to a board meeting!
Leaving the meeting she headed towards her bedroom. On her way she met a rubber cockroach, planted there by her sibling. Frightened, she landed on the floor not so gracefully!
The silly little bickering continued from her bedroom to the spare room where she planned to plant her prank. Trying to haunt her baby brother, she tried to make the house haunted when the parents were out. Surely, the prank resulted in humor more than the horror!
Now finally coming back to the threshold, she blinked back the happy tears and turned towards the love of his life.
From giggling to bickering, carefree to careful, she grew up and made many memories. On the auspicious moment of her vidaai, she is going to start a new journey and continue making the blissful memories!


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