Independence! That’s what she wanted. The thought of being independent ran through her veins mixed with her blood. Her juvenile mind made her believe that running away from parents would be a great chance to enjoy the world and have a taste of her beloved independence.
The adrenaline rush was high when she met a guy who promised her the independence she wanted. Blinded by the faith in his promise, she escaped on getting the chance! A huge step for her life she took. But, what for? Her hunger for independence and faith in fake promise landed her in the vicious web of human trafficking. What she wanted and what she got?
Jumping in a world full of sharks made her want the sheltered life back. Earlier, the life where her parents told her what to do and what to stay away from seemed to her like a life full of scolding and coldness but now it felt full of love and warmth.
The precious pearl became valuable to her when it slipped from her hand into the seamless sea!

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