Glasses of Discrimination!

Arre woh? Pagal hai wo toh!” That’s how people talked about him. Nobody knew what he was going through but still they judged him with the glasses of discrimination. That’s how it is in our society! (Not all, but majority of it)
He roamed near the busy traffic lights. He always grumbled something. Curse words! That’s what he always recited. If one heard what he said, one claimed him to be insane. But one never wondered what made him like this.
Betrayal from family or demise of young one? What filled him with such kind of rage? One would never find!
In the midst of all his fury, still remained a ray of happiness from his past. Yes, he cursed a lot but like a little kid, he scribbled on walls, electricity poles even on traffic light poles. A ray of hope was still in him, hope to return back.
You can only wish that one day amidst all the curses his cry for help is finally heard.

PS. Inspired by someone I saw on the traffic light.
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