Like A Mother!

Standing in front of them, she smiled. They all were like her little children. And just like a mother, she knew what each of them liked. She knew who loved the sunny days, or who was happiest with a little drizzle or who waited for the winter to come. Yes, she felt like a proud mother whenever she saw their happiness. Wishing a very happy Sunday to all, she headed towards the shelf where all the stuff she needed was kept. Everyone needed a bit of grooming in a while, right? At least that’s what she thought. Working for them was never a burden for her. She actually enjoyed being near them. She can never explain to anyone about the cordial aura she felt by being near them. She started talking with them as she began her work. While feeding them she told them about her week at the office, the way her friends gave her a surprise visit, how she went on a binge eating ice cream with all of them. She told them whatever she wanted, without having a mask or fake intentions. All the worldly formalities didn’t matter there and they didn’t judge her. They kept listening but never replied. This never bugged her. After all her talks, a comfortable silence descended. After feeding them, she started humming a tune as she watered each of them, the way they preferred. Finishing her work, she stood up, wiped the sweat from her forehead and grinned. 

Gardening always lifted all the burden or sadness she get from day to day life. Though her plants never replied back but they reciprocated her love by blooming and flourishing for her!

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