Seed to Tree

Let me tell you my journey of life. From a single seed to a gigantic tree.

I was a little seed, brought to the home by the teenager boy of the family. I was sown in the middle of the garden of the house. Initially, I came to become some science experiment, but later that changed. The little sibling of the teenager started caring for me, quenching the thirst and feeding me right chemicals at the times I needed.

I came out of the seed cover and greeted the world with my little green leaves. Till this date, I remember the little girl was so happy on seeing my leaves. She squealed and called all her family to see me. Her happiness made me happy. My leaves felt joy when she came to meet us and water us. She came daily to water me and all the while she talked to me. Yes, I don’t speak, after all, am a tree! But I listened to every word she said very carefully! From her favorite teddy bear to her favorite toffee, I knew everything. Once she tried to feed me her favorite toffee by mixing it in my manure! Haha, she was that cute little sweetheart!

Just before a week from my first birthday, she went to a school’s trip for a fortnight! I was fed on time and always watered but no one talked to me now. I felt sad and missed her badly. I started feeling weak and started shedding my leaves. But when she returned, all bubbly and lively, a became healthy ones again.

At a slow pace I grew up and with me, the girl grew. With our ages, our bonding also increased.

I learned how to live without her for short periods of time but then came the day when her marriage was fixed. When she left the house, I didn’t know how long will she leave me. But then I learned that she will come only for few days and will go back again. Whenever she was here, our old days’ routine was followed. I had many members of the family who took care of me but the bond between we two had different from others. I stood strong, a grown tree in the middle the garden who provided shade in summers and shelter in the rains. I saw a lot of changes in the family. But most importantly, I saw a little girl grown into a young lady. As she turned old, her visits lessened.

Today, I was waiting for her to come. It was my birthday and she always came to meet me on my birthdays. But something weird happened. Rather than hearing the joyful greetings that flowed in the house for her, I heard sobbing. Something bad happened, I could feel it from the sounds and aura change around me.

Then I saw her coming. But again something was different. Rather than walking towards me, she came lying in a box. A box? I didn’t understand why she wasn’t opening her eyes. Why everyone was crying around us. Slowly, I understood what was going on when a few men dug the earth and settled the box in which she was lying .

The box was her coffin and she was being cremated in my roots.

It was a shock for my whole system and just like everybody I started shedding my tears in the form of my flowers. I felt like my friend was lying in my arms. Someone carved her name and her birthday and death day on my bark. It was a bittersweet moment for me. We both were now together but she won’t talk to me like I didn’t talk to her.

Our silence stretched for the eternity.

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