Forbidden Doors

As the great author, Douglas MacArthur said “Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.”, I am planning to implement his quote in my life because for one I totally agree that rules are meant to be broken and another thing is I am not lazy so why to hide behind the rule! Correct. Happy about my conclusion, I made my way towards the forbidden door of our house. Since my childhood, dad always said never to enter that room, it was like a rule that he gave me. So today, this rule was going to be broken!
Feeling giddy, I opened the door of the room, with the key I picked from dad’s almira. Nope, I am no thief, I will return the key respectfully when my work is done, so it is not stealing. As the door opened, my eyes met with a sight of the dusty room. Everything was covered with white sheets. I went further in the room and started removing sheets from the furniture. As I reached the king size bed, I climbed over it to get to the portrait that was behind it.
I was shocked would be an understatement. I was far beyond that. There hung a portrait of my beloved father with a lady, whom I was seeing for the very first time. The picture clearly showed the affection of dad towards the lady.
Moving to other portraits, I came across various pictures of the lady, with or without dad. The last picture was of the lady holding a baby!
As the dots connected in my mind, my body went completely numb. The sound of doors opening and closing was gone unheard. I realized I was crying when dad wiped tears from my eyes.
“Why?” I had to say just a single word to know that my assumption was right, he hid about my mother for past 15 years in this room and never ever told me about her.
“How could I tell you when she made me promise to not tell you about her death? She just left me with a letter, asking me to give it to you when the time is right” He said with his voice breaking. He called me to sit on the bed and then gave me the letter. We both sat silently as I read the letter. It was a really hard blow to my system! The pain, the anguish, the nights when I cried myself to sleep, the moments where I cried because I didn’t know a single thing about my mother,every memory flooded back to me as I read the letter.  When I finished the letter, I looked towards dad, who was now sobbing profusely. He hugged me tightly and we both sobbed our pain out.
My father, who was my rock, my pillar of strength, who never shed a single tear was here, sobbing so hard! Now I understood why he always had puffy eyes on my birthdays because this was not only my birthday, it was the death day of his love!

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