How to Taint Hearts

Let me tell you a story. Let’s name it either how to taint hearts or how to convert a lively person to a living silent corpse.

Sounds interesting?

A teenage boy visits a mall with his family. But unfortunately, the mall this family visited, was a target for some terrorist organization. These guys really never drop hints about their vicious plans, ain’t they? So how would a family of 3 know that they shouldn’t visit such a place?

Well, they didn’t know so they visited there, as planned. The event against the plan was being held as the hostage by terrorists with a few other 100 people! Everyone is scared and praying to their supreme power. So is this teenage boy. His prayer was heard but not completely! He prayed to be free again and be happy with his family. But what happened next was different. His father who was sitting next to him was shot dead in front of his eyes! And he sat there dumbstruck! He couldn’t move nor did he shout. He sat there unsure of what happened.

That day, many people were saved by the authorities, in which the boy and his mother were also present.

This story is my own story. I am the boy whose dad was shot in front of his eyes. I am the boy who can’t get the fact that without harming anyone, his world was destroyed. I am free but I am not happy like I used to be. And yes, I am the boy whose heart got so tainted that day, that he can’t speak a word and turned to living silent corpse!

My mouth won’t utter a word now but my mind screams, again and again, asking why I wasn’t the one who got shot that day, why I wasn’t able to help that day, and most importantly, why few humans turn so against humanity that they commit such a deed?


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12 thoughts on “How to Taint Hearts

    1. Thanks dear for you love and prayer.
      You too stay safe and even though our world may surround us with negative thoughts but try to live a life full of positive thoughts.
      Sending my love and prayers. Stay blessed. β™₯

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