frail body, strong will!

Black! Black is what I see. Darkness is all around me. Wherever I look towards, I see darkness. Once, there was a time, when I was so afraid of darkness and now, here I am surrounded by nothing but darkness! I feel like I am trapped.  I don’t remember how I reached here exactly but the darkness has grown on me in this time span. I try to look back to the brighter sides. I try to find something or someone to bring me back to the light. Suddenly I see something or someone in all this darkness. It’s not the usual black I’m surrounded with. A ray of light comes from a corner with sounds of my children, my only ray of hope. I struggle to move, I struggle to get out of the hold that this darkness has over me. I am unable to call out to my children but still I try to get back to them. The more I try to move, the stronger this hold gets on me! I still for a moment, I try to gather all energy I can muster and then, I fight back again.

This is the moment when blinding light fall over me. That’s it! I finally overcome the darkness. I flutter my eyes to adjust to the light. I take a few moments to adjust to my surroundings. There is beeping sound coming from my left. My head starts throbbing. My body is still aching. But finally, I can feel my fingers move! There is a commotion in the room. Someone is shouting to call the doctor. I turn to my left and see my children smiling at me with tears in their eyes.

“Maa, welcome back! You fought against the coma and got back to us.” They greeted me with a light hug.


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