Mission Impossible!

Giving a thumbs up to my partner, I went on my mission. I peeked through the door to see that the lane was clear. Looking back at my partner, I gave her a slight nod and slowly but steadily started tiptoeing towards the lane. A rush of excitement mixed with nervousness shot through my veins as I moved step by step to my target. Looking to my left then right again, I ensured that it was safe to proceed. My weapons were safely strapped in my belt around my waist. I just hoped that our mission would be completed with the least of violence. But a guy has to be cautious, you know!ย 

Turning to another lane on my right after ensuring that no one was checking this area, I went on. Jingling? I heard jingling! Someone is coming! My heart beat sped up. I ran back to safety and waited till the danger was out of sight. ” Phew!” I breathed out a sigh of relief.

Back on my mission, I continued towards my destination. As I reached the place, I adjusted my shades and proudly proceeded to where the box was sitting proudly.

I was so engrossed in the joy of getting the box that I didn’t hear the hushed voice coming from my walky-talky until it was too late!

“Ahem” someone cleared their throat just as I touched the box.

I turned around and saw my partner in the arms of the opponent. Worried, I fired my gun with aggression and launched myself to save my partner.

But, sadly, I too was caught!

“Kids, your toy gun won’t harm me. After all, I am your mother” our mom said. I and my partner shared a look of defeat.

But we both nodded our head and said in unison, ” yes mumma”

“Now, off to bed! Don’t come near the cookie box in the night again. Now run” she said.

Defeated, we both ran towards our rooms.

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