What others see is a road made up of concrete and stuff, but what I see is completely different. This is not just a road. I will tell you why. It is a lane full of memories which are tied to it. Let me take you to the tour of this road. Back in my childhood, my father took me and my mother to give us a surprise. The surprise was at the end of this very road. Our new house! Being a 7-year-old and full of energy, I just ran on this road to reach the house before my parents. I looked back and saw them coming down the road, laughing because they knew the door was locked and I couldn’t enter without them. This is the road where I and my friends played cricket and what not. Always walked on this road, kicking pebbles while waiting for my father. Jumping up and down seeing him bring some gift for me. Happy days! While learning to ride a motorcycle, I lost my balance and was laying flat on the road with a bleeding knee. Β I still sport the scar on my right knee that this road gave me.This road has the memory fromΒ me coming with my graduation degree to coming home with my bride.Bringing my first born and the only son to the home, teaching him to ride a cycle and waiting for him, for his school bus. Waiting and casting longing looks on the road, on the day my son, went for his first interview Β to know the results. This is not just a road, this road is the way to my home. But, today it will do something different. It will take me away from my home. It is not like I’ve never gone out of the house or something. this is different because today I am looking back on this road, my house getting farΒ with every passing moment. My son, whom I brought home via this very road, is taking me to an old age home via this very road!

B.N. hey lovely people 😘

*Hides behind couch*

I know, I know, I missed this Friday’s post! Β πŸ˜…

*Gives a sheepish smile*

But here’s the update! πŸ˜„

*Shows a chocolate*

Chocolate solves everything 😍

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12 thoughts on “Road

  1. Nostalgic art 😊
    Followed your blog, check mine if you wish to follow The world was busy ,

    In finding and catching Pokemons.
    Somewhere in war-torn Syria ,

    Some children wished to be found.

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  2. Level of Nostalgia,
    Tooo Dammnn HIIGH!!
    Greatly written miss!
    Gonna look at my path, my road with more fascination. Actually even I wrote something like this about my road from school to home. πŸ˜€
    These days I can only find kids my age stumbling on to rocks and getting hit on walls while searching for pokemons :p

    Love itt! Gonna do everything written in the last line! πŸ™‚

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  3. D assortment of array u used is very comely, u even mentioned d small n beautiful moments pertaining to The d very Road which goes to our home.
    Keep up d good wrk darling!!!

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