Love to Addiction

Our relationship started like any other relationship. When we first met, he admired me a lot. To be honest, I really liked all this new attention. Calls here and there, few messages and emails, lots of Whatsapp messages and all. He treated me like I am porcelain doll and I would break down easily. He saw my face every morning when he woke up and didn’t sleep without seeing my face. It was all smooth like a cake walk. I lightened up every moment he touched me. Our relationship was going smooth until the day his love for me turned into an addiction!
I don’t know what happened but now he won’t leave me alone for a long time. He keeps me hidden from prying eyes and won’t let anyone come near me. The light touches have now become unbearable for me.
At present, I am sitting beside his pillow, dreading the moment he will wake up! My battery life is getting bad with every passing day because he uses me so much. Now he won’t let me sit alone while I am charging! For god’s sake, why doesn’t he understand, I am his phone, not his girlfriend!

B.N: hello lovelies!
It’s slightly different from my other posts, but well, I was in a mood for something new!
Hope you like it.
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Calls here and there,




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