Eternal Love

My destiny was already planned. I was born to be taken away from my parents. I was so little that I didn’t know what was happening. But soon I accepted them as my parents. Everything was going fine. They looked at me like I was their own blood. They always took me out to play and have fun. Mom loved to doll me up and dad, he loved to teach me new things. Both of them were poles apart in their nature, but their love for me was same. They loved me to the moon and back. Or that’s what I thought.
Our family of three now turned to four. After being pampered and showered with the infinite amount of love, I was worried about all this love being divided between the two of us, Me and My baby sister. I tried to ignore this and welcomed her in our family. One thing I know for sure, I was so wrong about love and attention being lessened. In fact, the love and care were multiplied ten folds! My baby sister loved me more than anything. We were inseparable. She always took care of me. I, too, played my role as her big brother with my whole heart. I always sensed her moods and tried to comfort her in my own way. I was that big brother who scared away all the bad guys who bothered my baby girl. She was such a cute little thing, she didn’t even understand my language, but she always understood what I meant. I woofed and she laughed. She hated it when anyone treated me like a dog rather than her brother. I was protective of her just like she was for me.But sometimes I tried to disturb her to get her attention towards me. Even though she didn’t like when I licked her face but yet she didn’t stop me, instead she hugged me to distract. Who am I to complain? I loved it as well! The only times we fought were when we played catch the stick. Once I catch a stick, it’s mine. But she asked me to give it back. Our bond grew stronger with every day. Our time together may not be infinite but our love is eternal.

Our time together may not be infinite but our love is eternal..png

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