Quote Post #4

Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers! I hope you all are doing great. Let’s start with another motivational post.

Turn your Depression into Creativity. 5 words which hold so much of meaning and strength. I am writing this from my experience. I also try this. Whenever I am feeling low, depressed or even angry, I start to use my energy on something worth doing. I try to create new stuff. I mostly prefer doing stuff revolving around my hobbies like writing, craft projects or even sketching. The negative energy is somehow turned into something beneficial and I start feeling much better. Next time, any negative energy surround you, either depression or anger or anything, divert your mind and focus on something which calms you. 

Mr Roosevelt’s words are so true. One time or another, you must have felt this. Whenever a comparison is made, happiness is stolen. NEVER EVER COMPARE yourself to anyone. You are one of your kind. Try to be your best and don’t bother about some society set standard. Try to build yourself up for your own sake and not to fit in someone’s shoes.

It is so true that you can find creativity anywhere and everywhere. Think about that boring lecture when you turned into a top level cartoonist. Creativity comes from within, you are the special ingredient. Look around and something creative is going on around you. The first short story i wrote, came to my mind in midst of eeriely silent library. Creativity can bubble up anytime. Just try to find it.
Here, I will stop and wish you a healthy and positive life.

Share your thoughts in the comment section and spread the positive vibes everywhere!

See you soon lovely people. :)💜


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