Distraction and Destruction

My headphones blared the music out loud and blocked every voice out. I was walking on the footpath and I clearly remembered every time I was warned to not hear music at such a loud volume. But what can I do, I loved music so much. Music helped me clear out every negative thought out of my mind. On the other hand, music distracted me from what was happening around me. Sometimes this distraction was a boon. As I was crossing the road, a little puppy came in my line of sight. Too distracted to think straight, I walked straight to the puppy. I was just two steps away from reaching the puppy when I felt something, something so painful that my voice got caught up in my throat. I dreamt of flying so many times but I never thought flying would be painful. In the 5 seconds of being in the air, I registered the fact that I was struck by a truck. My left half of body was thrumming with pain and my brain was too busy processing what was happening that I started seeing black dots around my vision.
The moment my body touched the land, I heard a bloodcurdling scream. Apparently, I was the one screaming because my body was stinging with pain. Everything was so jumbled up, the only three things I registered before slipping into the abyss of blackness were that I got struck really badly by a truck, my left half of the body is getting numb after immense pain and people are gathering around me and screaming to call the ambulance.
The moment I came back to consciousness, the thumping pain made clear that I was alive. It took me time but this whole incident made me realize that taking ‘life’ for granted is not a really smart thing to do. The preciousness of life was so clear to me that living life to its fullest was my main motto after recovering from the accident.


B.N. Hello my lovely readers and bloggers!
I am back with another short story. I tried to convey a message with this one. A message that I believe is important for all of us.
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