Picking up the broken glasses with teary eyes, I look at her. She pulls her hair and screams. She is mad. She is upset. I know the cause. But I am helpless.
“Calm down, dear” I whisper as I come near her.
“I don’t know how to calm down” she whispers-shouts at me.
“Come to me, we’ll face this together”
“No! We won’t do anything! YOU won’t do anything. I know, nothing will change” she cried.
I move close to her and hug her slowly. She fights within my arms. I hold her tight and rub her back, muttering my emotions out.
We both sit down on the floor and cry harder. As her sobs turn into hiccups, I cup her face in my hands and wipe her tears. Her eyes are the window to her soul. Behind the grave look on her face, I can still see the innocent soul. The soul which is damaged beyond repair.
Losing your only child in a car accident which you survive, is never easy. She survived and our child didn’t. I don’t know whether to thank God for saving her or question him for taking my son? One thing I know is, I’ve to be her pillar of strength and support.
“I am with you dear, we’ll face this together .”

B.N: Hello my lovely bloggers and readers.

I am finally back from another writer’s block.
*smiles widely and worriedly*
Hope you like this short story.
Do share your thoughts in the comment section.
See you soon.
Thank you for all the support.

Word Prompt: Bannedย ,ย Trustย , Promises, ย Argument



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