Let’s Talk!


This image by Aunty Acid is my favorite so I decided to begin my chat and QnA post with this. Ooops I forgot something.
Hello lovely bloggers and readers!
How are you?
I hope you are doing fantabulous in your life!
So let us start our chat session.
Have a question to ask about me or blog or maybe anything(I’ll try my best to answer), go ahead and ask in the comment section.
Nothing to ask?
No problem with that also.
Tell something or anything regarding yourself or whatever you love!
I think so you may want to ask why I post after large intervals of time.
My answer to that is in the following image:


hehe, just kidding! 😂
I keep on falling in the writer’s block. ☠

Another image just for you all:

I really wanna thank each one of you for helping me build up my blog.

Every like, comment and follow helps me and motivates me to write more.
Thanks a lot. 😘

Moving to the last image, this one is totally me, again Aunty Acid’s image:


this is so me,i tell you! I am procrastinator that too pro level ( you may know this if you read my Know the Blogger section)😁 .Another reason for slow updates. 🙈
Thank you soo much for supporting me.
Don’t forget to comment for our chat session.
See yaa in the comment section.☺


36 thoughts on “Let’s Talk!

  1. Ha ha. Aunty Acid’s last pic is so Typical of All of Us.
    Ok Tell me, what prompted / inspired you to keep a Blog Name as “Zodiac Luminous Feathers”.
    Whose Blog do you find Most Interesting ?
    Why are people “Extra-nice” in Comments Section, but in “Real Life”, people only criticise.
    Do you feel, that this generation of kids , have everything readymade for them, they live in a “gaming world” and they don’t know the “Value of things” ?

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    1. so many questions and one person to answer all of these! Ok le me try to answer all of these with utmost honesty.
      #1 Zodiac is my username because if you translate it in Hindi, it is “Rashi” and that’s my name.
      The blog name “Luminous Feathers” is completely different story. I was in search of a unique name, I even named it “Corpus” and “oeuvre” but then my friend suggested me this name, which I liked a lot. For me, my written stuff is a bunch of shining feathers which I place in this blog. So that’s the story behind blog name and username.
      #2 It will be unfair if I name one. Every blog is different and special in their own way. So every blog is interesting for me.
      #3 Not everyone criticizes in the “Real Life”. I try to reply each comment on the blog in a way I will reply in my real life.
      #4 The behavior of human varies. It changes from person to person. Not every person values their life or the stuff which belongs to them but that doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t know the “value of things”. This generation of kids do get more privileges than the previous one but knowing “value of things and life” depends on the person, not the generation.
      Hope I answered everything. 😊

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  2. Hello Rashi….
    How are you doing?!
    So here I go with my questions😁
    What do you think of the demonitisation in India??
    What is your thinking towards the dual-faced people that we face in everyday life. Of course you might have also met some I guess. What are your comments about it?
    That’s it for now😂

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    1. Hello mr warrior, m doing great. What about you?
      #1 Demonitisation in India- hmm, tough for me as I don’t know much about politics. I know many people are facing problems such as standing in long queues etc but this is for betterment of our country. Till now, it’s a big thumbs up from my side.
      #2 Dual faced people are everywhere. I know a few of them. It hurts to see the change they portray in front of different people. I try to stay away from such people but it is life and sometimes we don’t have any choice and have to face these kind of people.

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      1. Raat ka time is best kyuki raat me sukoon h. The peace and calm of night is the best. But this also leads me to drown myself in thoughts. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good.

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    1. Umm, since you already know me and also know one incident related to it, you also know it hurts me so damn much when someone is nice to me just in front of me but talk badly about me. It hurts more especially when you trust a person but they have dual-face.


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