“I TRUST YOU” These three words hold great power if the speaker really meant and speak this by heart!

We, humans, face difficulties every day or even on more frequent basis. We get so troubled by our own thoughts which bully us to believe the negative. But sometimes, all we need a person who truly believes in you and pulls you out of the dark phase. Simple phrases like, ‘I have faith in you’ & ‘I know you can do it’ can boost someone’s morale. Just a simple pat on the back and a smile which expresses that you have faith in them, can help a person in more ways than one can think. It can boost the morale of person to manifold or can raise the self-confidence level.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think that ‘I trust you‘ expresses more than ‘I love you‘. Do share what you think regarding this in the comment section.

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14 thoughts on “I TRUST YOU

  1. I completely agree! We throw the word love around so much that at this point it’s as simple as the word “the” (to me at least)… “I love this…” and “I love this person…” or doing this or watching that, etc.. “I trust you” is something you have to work for, and earn. It’s a deeper connection I believe and is the most painful when broken.

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