Why am I happy?

This year as well, I am not making any resolutions because I know they tend to go unfollowed. So why make resolutions? Instead, am planning for 3 major goals for 2017!
I read this super awesome blog post, a few days back,Β 3 Major Goals for 2017Β .Β This blog inspired me to write this post. So, my major three goals are:

1. I will try to quit my “ignorance is bliss” policy.
2. I will try my 101% to spread positivity.
3. I will try to post more frequently on my blog! (haha, let’s pray this one at least turns out true!)

#majorgoals2017Β #dailywarriors

P.S.Β  I have a news to share. This morning, I received a notification on wordpress. I am adding the screenshot here:
This is such a fantastic news to start my day with! I am so happy all because of you guys!
Thank you for all the love and support you guys showered upon me! πŸ˜€ ❀
Long way to go, hope you will be with me in my journey.
Thank you. ❀



17 thoughts on “Why am I happy?

  1. Thanks for sharing your goals! And congratulations on your follows!

    I like your goals… and I think joining challenges and daily prompts here in WP can help you with blog ideas and be more active in blogging. Also, having a routine (which days and time) for posting might be helpful too.

    Best wishes on your goals. Hope to see you around ❀

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