Quote Post #6

Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers! I am back to share some more quotes and my thoughts.
I want to start my New Year with lots n lots of positive thoughts. Let me try to fill positive thoughts in your life as well, no matter how tiny in amount.


Doing small things to add a lil bit of happiness in others life feels so good! You don’t trust me? Then why not try yourself. If you are thinking, why do stuff for others, then let me give you a selfish motive for this. Yes, a selfish motive. When someone will be happy because of you, you will feel immense contentment and satisfaction. This feeling is worth doing something.
Try doing something, even a little task for someone. You will be glad.


It’s time for the “new year, new you” thing. Why not start putting a bit more effort, a bit more hard work for our dreams? Work for it because they are Your Dreams, Your Ambitions! 

It is your duty to work hard for your dream, and your right to achieve it. 


Life is not that tough. We tend to make it tough.
Let’s start cultivating happiness in every small joy and removing the weed called sorrow.
Promise yourself to find happiness in the times of darkness. 

So these are my quotes for the day.
Have a blessed and happy new year lovely people.
Never lose hope and stay happy!
Don’t forget to share your favourite quote or any of my lines you liked the most, in the comment section.
Hit like and share with your friends and family to spread the positive vibes.

Thanks. ❤
via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


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