Losing my Only Companion

It was our play time. The time when he got so thrilled that it cheered my miserable heart. Looking at his excited face, I smiled and threw the ball. He ran to catch it and I laughed seeing him so pumped up about his ball. Before he saw where he was heading, I sensed the danger. I tried to stop him but he was way too far to hear. I screamed. I shouted. But it didn’t help.
He caught the ball and turned around. Seeing the nearing danger, my body lost its coordination while moving toward him. The twinkle of his eyes left the moment he saw my face full of terror. Rather than worrying about himself, he was upset about me being worried. My heart dropped when he looked sideways and saw what was happening. I fell from my wheelchair the moment he was struck by a car. His blood curling scream tore my heart. I never cursed my life for being paralysed.
But today, the loss was bigger than losing my legs.
Today I lost my only companion. My helper dog, my four legged son.
B.N: Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers!
I present you another short story about a relationship so beautiful, that it tore my heart while writing the ending.
Dogs are ❤ .
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Thank you ❤
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