Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
My day went quite well. The main highlight of the day was his smile. His smile can brighten up even a starless night. My eyes kept on stealing glances in his direction. I am afraid that if someone got to know about my love, I will be damned for hell. It is good to write my feelings out.
“My Love for him is boundless. My Love for him is unconditional.”


Dear diary,
I got so nervous today, he caught me glancing at him. We had a staring match but I cowered and walked away. I was afraid that he might see my love shining brightly through my eyes. I cannot let him know my feelings. He won’t understand, ever.
“My heart craves what it can never have. Stupid, stupid heart.”


Dear diary
I have no one to talk, it’s just you and me. You are here to hear my thoughts and you never judge me. I like our relationship very much but sometimes I just wish for someone to be there and hear me out. I am planning to pour my heart out in front of him. Maybe he’ll understand my feelings and accept me.
“Dear love, stopping giving me butterflies in the stomach. Just bestow some courage.”


Dear Diary,
Being crazy in love is different, but being called crazy for loving someone hurt like hell. First, he thought I was acting for some dare in a game. He laughed at my face when I tried to make him understand. He said I am mad for loving him. He told me that I am too flawed to be called a man because I love another man.
Yes, I am flawed because I loved him with all my heart and even after so many insults, my heart aches for him. I still dream of him when I close my eyes.
“Being a homosexual in a homophobic society is a crime bigger than murder. “


Dear diary,
People laughed at me. People sneered at me. My heart was handling everything when everybody made fun my love for him but my heart plummeted when he joined everyone and gave me disgusted looks. The hatred in his eyes crushed me. I don’t know what to do now.
“My boundless love got crucified at the hands of society. “


Dear diary,
Every thrust I received numbed my pain, every punch someone threw at my face murdered my emotions. I turned into an emotionless doll. But today was the biggest blow to my life. I was fine for getting punished because of my love but punishing my father, my only living relationship. A father who gave birth to a homosexual boy. They seemed to believe that he is the actual culprit.They beat him to death because he was my father. This was the last straw that broke the dam.
“Love is a double edged sword. Wherever it touched, it gave me a scar.
This scar is beyond repair. This scar is the reminder of my love.”


B.N.: Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers.
I present you another short story about love and society.
A diary entry of a love-struck boy about how his love got crushed and scarred him beyond repair.
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