What if! Would you?

What if I show you how broken I am,

Would you try to fix me or just accept me the way I am?

What if I showed how I cried at nights

Would you wipe my tears or just hug me and say that everything will be alright?

What if I present you my dreams,

Would you be just an onlooker or join me in?

What if I show my crazy side to you,

Would you laugh at me or laugh with me?

What if I unveil my scars to you

Would you look at them with disgust or kiss them good?

What if I let you look in my eyes,

Would you steal my secrets away or drown in them?

What if I trust you enough to let you in,

Would you just stay in or try to grow with me?

B.N. : Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers!
Your vanished blogger is back!
~cue the drumroll~
Here I present another pieceΒ of my work.
I hope you’ll like it.
~gives hi-fi~
Do share your thoughts in the comment section.
Don’t forget to follow me ( if you haven’t)!
Thanks a lot.


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