Quote Post #9

Hello, my lovely readers and fellow bloggers!
Another quote post here but this one is dedicated to my favorite person Brittany Atkinson. She is a great person who spreads the sunshine in other people’s lives! Her posts have such great timing that whenever I need some motivation, somehow her post have the very same thing I need at that moment. She adds the sunshine in my life through her posts and I hope these will help you too!


First things first: “No matter what, you’re not going to stop.” Are we clear haah?
However tough life gets, don’t stop, because these struggles will help you shine.
These struggles will help you build a better you.  Struggles never go unpaid, these will help you one way or other. 



I am a person who believes that one should not give up, either it is habit or a person. But when a habit or person is taking you down, either bring it up with you or put your knight’s armour up and let it go.



Don’t let yourself be plagued by self-doubt. I don’t say that one should be over-confident but one should not doubt his/hers abilities. Words hold very strong power over oneself. You are special in your own way so don’t compare yourself with others.

So, here I’ll stop!
Visit Brittany Atkinson page and I am sure you’ll find a lot of sunshine and motivation there! ❤
Make me grin by hitting the star button and sharing your thoughts in the comment section.
Thanks. ❤


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