Reminders for my beloved

Oh my beloved,

Don’t let the melancholy reign over you,

Because the color of sorrow dulls your shine.

Don’t let your words divert from the path of truth

Because your truth is meant to be your armour.

Don’t let anger turn you into a beast

Because when angry words shoot, the scar is beyond repair.

Don’t let yourself to be compared with anyone

For comparison steal your joy away.

Don’t let your brain get overwhelmed by money

Because the materialistic things won’t stay forever.

Don’t let your heart fall easily

Because your love cannot be bought with petty cash.

Don’t let your body be controlled by someone

For it is your sacred temple where all your energies reside.

B.N. Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers.
These are very basic things and that’s why I wanted to share these and remind you all to love yourself.
One more thing I’ll like to add, Keep smiling because everything will turn out fine on the right time.
Make me smile by hitting the star button and sharing your thoughts in the comment section.
Thanks! ❤


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