Hello, my lovely readers and fellow bloggers! I would like to discuss something with you and I really hope you would participate and share your own opinions.

Happiness is a relative term. I am happy at the moment but at the same time, I am not. It sounds confusing. Yes, it is. You are never completely happy. Your brain, the complex master of your body, is a storehouse of memories, too. One moment you are happy, but this stupid brain will pick some sad memory and boom, down goes your happiness. What makes you happy? Are you dependent on something or somebody for your own happiness? So are you truly happy?

Let us see some definitions I found on the web and discuss them.

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You really cannot find happiness like it is some object or something. It’s not like you are trudging through a park and suddenly happiness in the form of puppy will ambush you and boom! You found your happiness. No, that’s not gonna happen my dear.

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Happiness is within you my dear. Look for happiness inside yourself. If you are not happy at heart, Β you won’t find happiness in anything that the world offers you.

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And when you are happy, you have a glow. πŸ˜› Trust me, no beauty treatment will make you as charming as the happiness will make you.

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Yes, you have to work for your happiness. You cannot just stay upset and wait for happiness to find you. It comes when you are willing to embrace it.

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What do you think about this one?


There are so many questions regarding happiness. Rather than finding answers to those, why not find your inner peace and bring ourselves the gift of happiness?

Give me your precious time and answer this: What defines happiness for you?
I’ll be waiting for your answers in the comment section.
And do share your thoughts also.
Thanks! ❀

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  1. From My Vantage Point (, pun intended, the single answer to your questions lies within this statement, “Happiness is a relative term.” In that same vein one can question, what is happiness, is it one thing? Is it tangible? Intangible? all of these quotes are ideas of what someone else thinks happiness is to them and it still remains a matter of relativity. I’m happy when the space bar finally starts functioning after it mysteriously got stuck, among other things… πŸ˜€

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    1. I agree with you. Happiness cannot be defined with just one definition indeed.
      Maybe that’s why I am looking for more and more definitions of happiness from other people’s perspectives.


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