Love, Life and Beyond

Days and Nights.
How different they are.
Nights are delightful, at least for me. This is the time when I can watch you at peace. You still sleep like a baby and it amuses me to see you drool sometimes while sleeping.
Your face is etched with pain in the day. It hurts me to see you like this because of me. I want to reach out and hug you to remove the frown off your face.
I try to comfort you but am unable to do so.
Don’t cry because I left this world. My soul can never be at peace seeing my soul mate hurt like this.

B.N. Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers.
Welcome back to me.
*smiles sheepishly*
Here, I present you another short story.
Hope you like it.
Like,share (give credits), comment and follow.
Thank you.
*tries toย curtsy*
*falls and giggles*

Ok, stopping here.
And do share your thoughts in the comment section. โ˜บ


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